About Mr. Koosman

Meet Mr. Koosman!  I grew up in Howard Lake, MN. I attended St. James Lutheran Elementary School and then went to Mayer Lutheran High School.  I graduated from Concordia University in the fall of 2002 with my BA in Elementary Education and licensure in K-8 Literature/Communications.  I received my first call to St. John’s in Chaska, MN. I taught there for 8 years teaching numerous grade levels and subjects.  This is my 18th year of teaching and 10th year teaching here in Corcoran/Maple Grove as the 2nd grade teacher.  I love teaching 2nd grade and teaching here! 
      I am the oldest of three kids and my brother Adam lives in Delano and my sister Nicole lives in Waconia.  My parents still live in Howard Lake and we are all able to get together often, because we live fairly close to each other. 
     My wife Maria and I have been married for 16 years and we met back in college.  Maria is also our Preschool teacher here and it is nice for our family having the same schedule.  We have three children.  Matthew is in 10th grade and Joy is in 8th grade.  John was just born this summer and we are blessed to have him in our family!   We live in Maple Grove.  As a family we stay busy attending (and myself coaching)  the kids basketball games and baseball/softball games.  We like to go camping, fishing, visit family and hang out on the patio, watch movies, and play games together.  
Classes I love to teach:
     Science- I love experiments and Life Science.  It’s awesome looking at animals, plants, and all the wonderful things God has made!      
      P.E. -  I like staying active and I really like sports.  As America is one of the most obese nations, I think it is one of the most important classes that children need to have and need to learn lessons about life from.  Teaching students to be active and introducing them to activities that they may like to achieve overall fitness and health is fun! 
       Reading/English-  Reading and English are also very fun to teach, especially with younger students like 2nd grade.  Reading and writing are two things that are essential to learning.  I like children’s books, writing things like devotions, and just plain have fun teaching Reading and English. 

Some of my Favorites:
     Hunting and fishing-  I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad and brother.  I haven’t missed a year of deer hunting since I was 12 and still like to grouse and duck hunt.  Now I take Matthew with and it is fun to pass a tradition on to the next generation. 
     Basketball- Basketball is one of my favorite sports.  I love watching college basketball on TV.  I coach the 7-8th grade boys here at school. I also play basketball here on Sunday nights and I play in a league on Wednesday nights. 
    Hanging out with friends and family- It seems like just about every weekend you will find my family and I out with our friends somewhere, or visiting our families.  Hanging out and relaxing is probably my favorite thing to do! 
Favorite Foods- I really like spicy food.  I like growing a garden and making salsa. (mild, medium, hot, and venom-every part of your body burn hot).  I have a garden at my house and a huge one that I do with Mr. Peterman where we grow just about everything you can think of.  My friends and family really like my salsa, so I have to make a lot of it.  We usually make over 200 jars.   I also love chocolate chip cookies, or brownies.  I'm not a big cake or pie fan.  My wife always has to have a supply of chocolate chip cookies in the freezer for me!  I also love barbecue or anything grilled or smoked.  Any type of meat is 10 times better on the grill! 
      Golfing- I really like golfing and used to be very good at it.  My problem now is that I don’t get out very often to play.  I used to play 3-4 times a week, but now I am lucky if I get out 3-4 times a year!
      Odd Hobby- Making firewood-  I like using my chainsaw and splitting wood.  It may seem like work, but for me it is fun.  We have a wood burning fireplace in the house and I use it just about every weekend in the winter, so I spend  lots of days in the summer cutting and splitting wood.  There is nothing like a real fire in the fireplace, or a good bonfire!  

      That is a bit about me.  I look forward to working with you this school year.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  The best way to reach me is by e-mail.  (jeremy.koosman@stjlutheran.org)

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